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The African Bureau of Civic Organisations (ABCO) serves Residents Associations, Ratepayers Associations, Homeowners Associations, and every other Civic Organisation that Champions the Public Good, with Good Governance.

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Public Servant Oath of Office

I the undersigned, hereby voluntarily, without any personal or business interest, have chosen out of my free will and without prejudice to serve the public as:
- an elected office bearer of the people, or
- an employee in the public sector.

I understand that the most important principle and my duty is to serve the public through providing high quality services to all persons alike and that this necessarily entails performing the duties of my office conscientiously and to the best of my ability.

This OATH is undertaken in the spirit of serving the citizens and tax payers - not other politicians or other public servants.

I also understand that mutual respect between the State and its citizens is key to realising true equality and I therefore, as a politician/public servant, do hereby commit myself to engage in prior consultation with the public to determine their needs so as to ensure that public services which are provided respond to the real needs of citizens. At no point shall I involve the police or any repressive arm of the state in dealing with matters related to the provision of public services to the people. It is not a crime for people to demand that the State provide public services to all its citizens in equal measure. Demanding good service is a civic duty - not a crime.

I commit myself to help build and promote an efficient public service system that ensures the real and legal dignity and equality of all. As a practical indication of my acknowledgement that the only way to ensure that the services that I provide are of an acceptable standard, I hereby undertake to use the services that the public sector provides to the people. What is good for me is good for the people!

I THEREFORE declare that it is a criminal offence to use private services for myself, my family and my dependants, including but not limited to: education, healthcare, housing and transport. I’m committed to public service therefore; I use the services I provide.

ABCO Manifesto

ABCO is led by every community member – everyone is heard

ABCO is a vehicle to a better future through grassroots community initiatives.


ABCO promotes Civic organisations in all voting districts in each ward across the country to empower people to choose their own leaders from within their own communities. A person ELECTED from WITHIN a community and by the community is in a BETTER POSITION to UNDERSTAND and SERVE the NEEDS of the people – IRRESPECTIVE of HIS or HER POLITICAL BELIEFS.

ABCO councilors have TERM LIMITS and are subject to LIFESTYLE AUDITS as a check on their probity (morals, integrity, and honesty).

Each voting district and each ward is unique with its own set of challenges and solutions. A person from within the community is therefore far better at serving than a party line politician from outside that serves his or her party interests. ABCO voters have a representative that they know personally, can hold accountable and can truly UNITE behind. In a UNITED community UBUNTU comes naturally and members stand up and support each other. The CRIME RATE DROPS because people know each other and no longer isolate themselves. Our WOMEN and CHILDREN are SAFER in a UNITED community – there is always someone watching out for them.

ABCO has a footprint in every voting district and ward in every municipality across the country. Become part of our fast growing force.